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Wuthering Heights Ballet at the Southampton Mayflower

If all you know about Wuthering Heights is the high-pitched tones of Kate Bush’s song, then you may not be aware of this tragic love story written in 1845 by Emily Brontë.

A turbulent tale of jealousy and vengefulness bought to life on stage at the Southampton Mayflower by the Northern Ballet’s production of Wuthering Heights.

The story focuses around Heathcliff and Catherine’s passion and desire for each other, that cannot be fulfilled due to different statures in society. This tale taking place on the moors, follows their lives and the trials and tribulations they face.

The Northern Ballet gave an extraordinary performance that not only wowed the senses with dance and movement, but the clever choreography and set design meant the transition between the present and the past was an obvious one.

During early scenes our attention is on Heathcliff, clearly in turmoil on the moors for reasons of which are not yet clear; you are then transported back in time to Heathcliff’s childhood where the story unveils.

Time hopping in a live performance without narration is no easy task, yet was done so well there was no point throughout the performance where you felt lost and confused.

Being an old classic novel it’s story line may be unfamiliar to some, but this should not put anyone off going to see this show. Even if you’ve never heard of Wuthering Heights, the Northern Ballet brings this epic tale to life and even without words you will find the story line captivating and easy to follow.

The cast give a passionate performance that really displays the heat between Heathcliff and Catherine, especially.

Whether it’s Ballet that takes your fancy, or a theatre show that captures your attention every step of the way; the Northern Ballet’s Wuthering Heights is a show not to miss!

You can see this performance at the Southampton Mayflower Theatre until Saturday 25th April. Book your tickets and don’t miss out!


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