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Fast Thrills at Thruxton Motorsport Centre!

Most of us can appreciate an impressive supercar. The stylish look, deep rumbling sound, and its awesome power. Most of us however, do not have a spare £hundred-thousand to spend on one of these beauties so getting behind the wheel of one is a distant dream…that is of course unless you head to Thruxton Motorsport Centre!

Making dreams a reality, Thruxton’s driving experiences offer the opportunity to take control of some of the most impressive supercars and race cars to date. Not only can you drive your dream car, but you get to do so on the UK’s fastest race circuit, all 2.4 miles of it! For many simply driving Thruxton’s exciting course which is host to British Touring Cars and the British Superbike Championships, is a dream in itself.

Thruxton Porsche Cayman

Porsche Cayman

When you arrive at the centre for your chosen experience you’ll be stopped in your tracks at the site of the latest models from major manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin. Thruxton invests each year to keep up its unique fleet, for example their Lamborghini Huracan is only a few months old and cost over £280,000!

As you head to register your arrival you are greeted by the friendly team who will sign you in and prep you for your experience. Starting with a briefing the team talk you through the circuit and what to look out for during your laps. You are given plenty of time to familiarise yourself with the track and your first experience will be as a passenger. Thruxton’s ARDS qualified Race Instructors are all successful racing drivers who are there to ensure you get the most out of your time on track.

Once you’re ready to get behind the wheel you and your experienced instructor will head out onto the track. Each lap you gain confidence with your car as your instructor guides you with tips and pointers to get the best handling, top speeds and a fantastic experience.

Lamborghini Huracan

Lamborghini Huracan

The Kit and Kaboodle started in a Porsche Cayman, with it’s tight handling this car offers a smooth ride and is a great first car to test your skills on the track. Leaving the car with a smile our next ride was the impressive Lamborghini Huracan. This supercar is exactly what you expect to see on the posters hung on young lads walls, it not only looks the dream but also handles like a dream. Opening up the V10 engine on Thruxton’s fast circuit offers an experience like no other, in a car that was built for speed.

The final car of the day was the F1 Formula Renault. This single seater means it’s just you, the car and the race circuit. Familiar with the course by this stage you can really throw caution to the wind and perfect every bend and straight in the circuit. Sat low to the ground and strapped in tight you will feel part of the car as you reach some of your top speeds of the day.

F1 Formula Renault

F1 Formula Renault

If all this wasn’t enough the Kit and Kaboodle enjoyed one final thrill as Thruxton’s resident Stig took us for a lap in the Skoda Octavia. Easily underestimated this car took us by surprise as it left every other car on the circuit in its dust. The driver was a character who only enhanced the experience with his handling skills and after meeting your stomach back at the start of the lap you will leave the car with the biggest smile on your face.

The overall experience at Thruxton is incredible, even as a spectator you have great views of the track and can watch the cars making their laps from their viewing platform.

The driving experience themselves are worth every penny. It may cost you slightly more to drive at Thruxton than it would some of the other UK circuits but this is because you are getting 2.4miles of the fastest track in the UK. Smaller circuits do not offer the same thrill’s and the moment you pick up speed you’ll be breaking for a bend, Thruxton allows you to reach the cars full potential and will leave the driver with a guaranteed smile after an adrenaline filled experience.

The Thruxton driving experiences make fantastic gifts for birthday’s, Father’s Day or any other special (or even not so special) occasion, for any thrill seeker with a driving license!

Watch Thruxton in action below…


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