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Lunching down on Southsea Beach at Mozzarella Joes

Mozzarella Joes Southsea

Mozzarella Joes Southsea

Located right on the beach of Southsea, Mozzarella Joes is the perfect place to enjoy the views of the solent whilst eating some scrumptious grub.

With children’s activities including large foam blocks which you could make huge towers, comfy seats or bridges, to colouring and toy sets – oh and a TV playing kids shows – it is definitely the perfect location for families to shelter from the wind!

The staff are very friendly and are very keen to help, they have created such a relaxed vibe where you will feel very much at ease. There is a lot on the menu for all ages and it is hard to choose what to have!

Mozzarella JoesSouthsea

The Penne Italiano

The Penne Italiano (chicken, pepperoni, peppers, red onion and tomato sauce) will not disappoint! There is just the right amount of pasta and the flavours are really nice.

For the littles ones chicken nuggets and chips is always a favourite! They can also enjoy chocolate mini milk ice-cream for pudding – although yummy most of it will probably be left around their little faces!

After being fed there is only one thing left to do, brave the wind and head to the beach! (after stopping for a photo first of course!!) 

Mozzarella Joes Southsea is a perfect location for all and somewhere you would visit time and time again!

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