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Marwell Sunset Party – a family night out with a difference!

The sun came out for the annual Marwell Sunset Party! A good choice for a family friday night out with a difference! The queue was huge to get in to Marwell but the staff were able to keep it moving quickly and the sounds of the Batala Portsmouth Samba band beyond the gates got adults and kids alike into the spirit of the evening.

As you head through the gates the bubble machine was billowing and the little ones were thrilled to be able to pop as many as they could, the samba band created a huge sound and were really great, they started the journey around the zoo walk for the evening.

Marwell Sunset PartyFirst stop was the penguins, crazy creatures, who were peering out from their little houses wondering why all the people had come back! A few of them darted and dived through the water and the staff member giving the information talk about them was completely overshadowed by the penguins characters.

Walking up the hill to the giraffes you come across the big cats, who, having been well fed were glorious in their relaxed poses and we were able to see all of them really close up. As any good zoo fan knows sometimes they shy away during the day but the evening party atmosphere seemed to be a great time to see them.

The animals in the large paddocks were all out too, so the warm evening and squeals of excited children talking of ‘big guinnepigs’, added to the enthusiastic adventure.

The giraffe house was amazing all the giraffe were inside and the babies were so sweet, the talk was informative and spoke of each individual and how they were a family. The children enjoyed measuring themselves against the height chart outside, (can that giraffe really be that big?)

Marwell Sunset PartyStopping at Cafe Graze for something to eat, the timing for feeding children and getting to the park did mean that a dinner out was essential. The BBQ looked great and the quality of the burger and sausages looked properly made. The restaurant is also an option if a BBQ can’t please all the members of one family.

Outside Marwell Hall the inflatable assault course was a big hit with the children and there’s plenty of characters to meet too, Mr and Mrs Nutkins and ‘Squark’ the birds. The stilt walking band ‘The Top Bananas’ were great and the gathering of people outside the hall made for a festival atmosphere.

The fire display by Flame Oz fire show was very good, particularly the impressive hola hooping lady who didn’t get burnt!

Hats off to the Sunset Party, a great time that your family will spend the whole car journey home reminiscing about their favourite moments!

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