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Family day out at the Hawk Conservancy

A meeting with friends prompted this choice of a family day out… looking for things to do in Andover to amuse two 4 year old boys and a 10 yr old girl plus 4 adults…. the decision was made that there had been enough of the farm parks and indoor play areas during the summer holidays and the Hawk Conservancy was a brilliant choice.

Much has changed at the Hawk Conservancy in the last 4 years. The entrance and shop is very welcoming and the new restaurant looks amazing (a great choice of venue if you wanted to hire somewhere).

Would birds in cages entertain two lively little boys? It certainly did!

Caged birds is not what this centre is about, the excitement of getting up close to a bird of prey is a great thing whether your 4 or 40!

The flying displays were fun with enthusiastic staff who interacted well with each other and with the audience, the displays were long enough to keep little ones occupied and for us adults to enjoy a sit down and almost relax! (the vultures do like to skim your head!). The displays are well spaced during the day leaving enough time to eat ice-cream and enjoy a snack break. There were lots of places to sit and the little play park tucked out of the way was a joy to discover. If discovered first you may get stuck there trying to drag them away – in any parents mind this is a nightmare!

A great show and somewhere you could repeat visit, a great family day out.

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