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Thrills, excitement & fun at Paultons Park!

Are we able to say ‘we had a hoot hoot at Paultons Park‘ because The Kit and Kabdoodle most definitely did! Although the weather was not the best (in-fact it was pouring with rain at times!) Paultons Park is still the place to go for excitement and a great day out.

Paultons Park have recently opened a NEW land to their theme park and it’s called The Lost Kingdom. With a dinosaur theme throughout you can get face to face and feel as though you are walking with dinosaurs! The Lost Kingdom is home to two rollercoasters (The Flight of the Pterosaur and Velociraptor) 4 family themed rides (Boulder Dash, Temple Heights, The Dinosaur Tour Co and Dino Chase) and a prehistoric Dinosaur adventure playground!

The Flight of the Pterosaur was a favourite – a ride that doesn’t look too fast when you are watching but you sure feel like you’re reaching high speeds when you are on the ride! This ride allows you to dangle your feet and have your arms free so you do get a sense of what it would be like to fly – amongst all the screaming, make sure you smile for thVelociraptore camera! Onto the next ride….

The Velociraptor is very popular (and we know why!) the ride does not connect as a round loop but instead has two ends of the ride. You are pulled backwards up the ride to begin with and suspended up into the air and then it lets go of you (it’s like pinging an elastic band!) and you zoom past the entrance of the ride, round the corners and then up into the sky where the ride ends (see photo to the right) and then the momentum of going up that hill enables the ride to go backwards (not for those with weak stomachs!).

Wave Runner (see our video here), Magma (see our video here), The Edge (see our video here), Dragon Roundabout (see our video here), The Cobra, Raging River Log Flume, Cat-O-Pillar Coaster, and the 4D Cinema were all experienced on our visit. The Raging River Log Flume seemed a good idea at the time but onceRagingRiver off the ride and all soaked (as it was raining too!) we had to jump into the drying booths.

Another extra to your visit to the park is the beautiful gardens that it is home to. Even on a wet day, the gardens burst with colour and offer a place of calm from all the excitement of the rides!

Paultons Park is located just on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire and your ticket lets you experience over 60 different attractions and rides! We would highly recommend visiting Paultons Park and there is still a huge bundle of fun to be had if the weather is not on your side! See you soon …