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Dinofest2015 at Seacity Southampton

A visit to the museum can be an exciting treat for any family, when you combine this with dinosaurs you are onto a winner!

Dinofest2015 at Seacity SouthamptonThe new dinosaur festival happening across Hampshire for the rest of the summer, giving everyone an opportunity to see some great exhibits some of which have been loaned from the Natural History Museum, London.

The excitement builds as you get your tickets to the exhibit, young members of your group are offered an exploring back pack with some really great contents so little ones can get involved with and interact alongside the exhibition, the hat and the torch were a big hit (thankfully it’s not too heavy!).

Dinofest2015 at Seacity SouthamptonThe exhibition looks fantastic and the Jurassic graphics have a great feel to them, part way between a lego game and jurassic park! Inside the exhibition it is split into two sections, one side concerns itself with discovery and answers some questions on what does an archeologist do. The other half contains the animatronic dinosaurs that will amaze the kids and provide a little wonder about how big they were, and cute their babies are!

Something to interest the whole family young and old, I would recommend a visit to this exhibition and the opportunity to enter a competition to win a night at the Natural History museum, it has certainly made the little ones want to collect all the stickers from the other Dinofest2015 sites!

Fabulous time had by all and another great reason to visit Southampton and Hampshire.

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