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Battlefield LIVE New Forest comes to Moors Valley!

For those unfamiliar with Battlefield LIVE, this is the answer for those of us who are tempted by paintball, but don’t like the thought of pain! Using infrared technology and sensors, the guns used in play do not shoot projectiles meaning rather than spending the duration cowering behind a bush, you can really get involved with the game!

bflNew Forest Activities have been running Battlefield LIVE New Forest for several years and mostly run this from their battlefield in Beaulieu, the Kit and Kaboodle had the pleasure of trying out their new site at the popular venue of Moors Valley…the experience did not disappoint!

On arrival you are met by the instructors that greet you with a warm welcome and make you feel instantly at easy. It’s a few minutes walk from the meeting point to the battlefield, but in a venue like Moors Valley this just adds to the pleasure of the day!

During briefing you are introduced to the different gun options you have, these are impressive! Each gun makes realistic sounds so you know when you’ve hit someone, and when you’ve been hit yourself! You’re also provided with a camouflaged jump suit which not only makes you look the part but offers your clothes, arms and legs some protection from the rugged terrain.

Once briefing is complete you are split into teams. You may find yourself on mixed teams with people you’ve only met that day, but once you’re on the battlefield you are one team and your opponents are fair game, even if they are family members!

bfl3Over the two hour experience you play a variety of different games, each one lasting about 15-20 minutes. It’s a good thing really, because you’ll need the rest in-between games – prepare to burn some calories!

Starting at your bases at opposite sides of the marked-boundary battlefield, play begins and you find yourself ducking, weaving, hiding and even crawling through the undergrowth as you stealthily track down the other team. Unlike with paintball you are not limited to how many shots you can fire or how many lives you have, each gun has a re-load option and back at your base is your medi-box which is where you head to re-spawn, if and when you are shot 5 times which equals a kill.

At the end of each round the instructor feeds back the hits and kills made by each team which equates to points. Onto the next round and the object of the games changes. It could be domination – where each team has to try to control the objective for the longest time, capture the flag – where your team try to capture and hold the other teams flag, or various other games which make each round different and exciting.

Whether you’re 8 years old or part of the older generation, this Battlefield LIVE New Forest is a great game for anyone. It is energetic, but you can limit this with some strategic positioning, or go all in and really break a sweat!

The terrain at Moors Valley is very uneven, but it’s also very soft, so frantically ducking out of the way of gun-fire is no problem at all! You do have to pay for parking at Moors Valley, but for the experience you have it is all very much worth it! Plus if you have any energy left you could enjoy Moors Valley whilst you’re there as well!


For more details on Battlefield LIVE New Forest visit the New Forest Activities Website!