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Barnum and Brian Conley were made for each other…

Barnum and Brian Conley were made for each other. With a perfected New York accent under his belt and the energy that can fill a whole theatre, what more can Conley do to convince us of his showmanship skills? Oh, that’s right, how about walk a shaky tight rope during one of his performances?

Barnum is a story about the greatest showman on earth and Conley portrays that character perfectly. The performances were constantly filled with excitement and colour with energetic dancers prancing around the stage in their creative costumes performing nerve-wracking stunts and tricks. Conley certainly knows what the audience wants and made sure he gave it to them throughout the show.

The stalls were definitely the place to be for this Barnum production. Before the curtains were even raised our seats were turned into a playground for the actors who came out to entertain the crowd as acrobats, jugglers and ribbon twirlers, we knew straight away we were in for a treat. The show gave the audience a rollercoaster of emotions throughout with up beat performances, tense, nerve-wracking stunts and even some serious scenes.

The shows’ energetic and colourful manner was always short lived as each upbeat number was followed by a much more serious scene which kept everyone on edge. Now, when I say serious I simply mean scenes that create slight emotion amongst the audience. With the constantly changing tone of the show, we found ourselves getting slightly confused about the storyline. Although the production itself was amazing, the story, at times, would get quite lost amongst it all.

Finally, after a tireless performance from Conley, who barely left the stage, the crowd gave a well-deserved standing ovation.

Overall, the show was worth the watch and highly recommend to anyone looking for an uplifting experience.

Tickets available at the Mayflower Southampton until the 20th June 2015. 


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