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A Thai Sensation At Koh Thai Tapas Romsey

Koh Thai Tapas RomseyYou’ve heard of a taste sensation, well at Koh Thai Tapas Romsey you also get a Thai sensation!

Koh Thai Tapas is popping up all over the south with restaurants including Romsey, Bournemouth, Winchester, and most recently Lymington. Its mission? To deliver authentic, beautiful, unpretentious, relaxed and refined Thai dining.

Romsey is the perfect setting for Koh Thai Tapas and its values. Located at the southern end of The Hundred in the town centre, it radiates the level of sophistication combined with warming atmosphere that you come to expect from a Romsey restaurant.

Koh Thai Tapas RomseyAs you enter the restaurant you are transported to Thailand, with authentic Thai decor, warming colours of orange and reds, and soft lighting to create a cosy and secluded sanctuary…as the name “Koh” translates; you are on a island!

The welcome you receive is as warming as the venue. Attentive staff make polite conversation and love to share the story behind Koh Thai, a real sense of pride in their place of work.

The menu is extensive, with Thai tapas, salads, soups, curries, stir fries and more! The tapas selection can be enjoyed as your main meal or as a selection of starters. For those that can’t decide then you’ll love the “Thai Tasting” dining experience!

Koh Thai Tapas RomseyThe Thai Tasting let’s you set your budget per person, starting from £22. You simply let them know what meats you like, the amount of heat you like, and they’ll do the rest for you! Sit back and relax as they bring you dishes to suit your taste, not only taking away the stress of deciding but allowing you to try a selection of new dishes.

The food itself is cooked to perfection. From spicy spring rolls, deep-filled duck rolls, and special crispy squid to start, followed by creamy Penang Curry, sticky rice and delicious Phad Thai. The sheer depth of flavour in each dish makes every mouthful a treat.

Koh Thai Tapas RomseyTo wash it all down, Thai Tapas also do a great selection of cocktails and mocktails including a “Koh Samui Cooler” and “Dragon’s Ruin”. Refreshing and exciting, they complement your meal perfectly.

The beauty of Koh Thai Tapas is its ability to cater for everyone, with a kids menu and dishes to suit all dietary requirements, not only that but the staff really listen to what you enjoy and tailor your meal to suit you.

Koh Thai Tapas has definitely succeeded in its mission. It really is a Thai experience to suit all!

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